The benefits of CBD continue to grow.

More people are searching online for CBD than ever before, and in fact, CBD is the most searched item in the category of alternative therapies. And for good reason!

According to Dr. June Chin, who has extensive experience with CBD, the hemp plant may have a myriad of uses in humans, which studies continue to elucidate. But, beware of unsubstantiated claims and always keep in mind that CBD is in the infancy of its life cycle, much more is to be learned about this molecule with ongoing trials and “tincture of time.”

One way to learn a little about a company’s product is to evaluate their CBD testing reports, or COAs (certificate of analysis). If a company does not have them available on their website, run. At CBD Beaute, we check our products in an independent lab for heavy metals, pesticides, mold, and fungus. Our hemp is also grown organically and extracted with cold ethanol, the gold-standard in CBD.

The best advice for CBD? Try it, if you’re so inclined, and see for yourself what it can do for you.

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