About Us

CBD Beaute’s roots go back to 2016 when our Founder, Liz, took a vacation to Colorado. While there, she tried some legal CBD products and was completely blown away by the effect and effectiveness of CBD.

The chronic sore back and muscle stiffness that had plagued her for years were improved and she seemed to sleep better, as well, all contributing to an elevated sense of well-being. When she stressed her body with hiking at elevation, she noted that she had better stamina and less fatigue with a quicker recovery. To put it bluntly, she was sold on CBD!

Motivated by this experience, she embarked on a journey of research into this new industry, meeting with industry leading hemp farmers, CBD production chemists and product manufacturers throughout the country. Through this research, she discovered that there was an alarming disparity in quality and purity among the products available on the market.

Armed with this understanding of the available products and the qualitative diversity of ingredients and production methods used to make them, Elizabeth vowed that her company would aim to set the bar for quality by using only full-spectrum, organically-grown, THC-free hemp oil. She also insisted that anything CBD Beaute would produce would have to pass rigorous testing for potency and purity, ensuring superiority in the growing industry.

This unwavering focus on proven quality has resulted in a line of the best CBD products available today!